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The tide has turned against us for now

Mages can only use cloth armor. You can equip staves, one handed swords, maces, daggers, and off hand frill items. Intellect and stamina are your friends. It's a hot August afternoon, and the swine poke out from the shade when workers from Frith Farm arrive with fresh...

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Kroger decision to phase out single use plastic bags is a

I was to fly them. We were attacking some guy who was some sort of oppressive bastard up the river. To accomplish this we hid the missles and took the controller and a gun (!) on a slave galley. Kroger decision to phase out single use plastic bags is a testament to...

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“The question is not who will let me

Kittengoddess, thank you for responding so promptly! but i'm still a bit troubled. Basically the third part of the flow chart applies to me:"there may be a LOW risk of pregnancy if semen is shared mouth to mouth between two partners, and then one of the partners...

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When looking at fragrance oils

The fit was just right and the reaction from my partner was that he had a smile ear to ear. I like to entice the atmosphere by waking in with a robe covering the outfit and then standing at the foot of the bed and removing the robe slowing. I think this builds up the...

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Although a groundbreaking was held in October 2012

But to be part of this process again and, hopefully, be there come February is all you can ask for. It a fun time to be part of. Hopefully, we get a chance to defend our gold. Another growing trend in nutrition is a return to raw milk, which has not been pasteurized....

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